How to Talk to a Live Person in Groupon Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in Groupon customer service you need to dial 1-888-582-4354. This number is available 8 am – 6 am CST Monday through Friday. To quickly speak with an agent, you need to press 2 at the first prompt, press 6 at the second prompt, press 7 at the third, and stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 2-4 minutes).

For your convenience below are other options available via Groupon automated customer service phone system:

If you purchased at Groupon and need assistance from customer support press 1.
  • If your business is already run or is currently running a group campaign press 2.
  • If you are a local business with the brick-and-mortar location and are interested in running a campaign in your local market press 3.
  • If you are interested in running an online deal with Groupon goods press 4.
  • Groupon Customer Service Options

    Groupon Customer Service Hours

    Groupon live customer service agents are available 8 am – 6 am CST Monday through Friday.

    Groupon Social Networks Customer Service

    Groupon Customer Service FAQ

    Contact Groupon customer Service and browse FAQ via Groupon contact and FAQ page

    Groupon Virtual Support Agent

    You can start a chat session with a Groupon Agent on the site by clicking the “Chat with Virtual Assistant” blue button.

    Groupon Customer Service Mailing Addresses

    600 West Chicago Avenue, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60654

    Groupon support e-mail

    [email protected]