Get a Live Person on the Phone

With increasing level of call centers automation, we start to speak with machines more and more. In many cases such automation improves customer experience and saves money for the corporations and government agencies. But frequently such automated support systems get very complex and customers can spend hours navigating through all the menus and trying to provide all the information system needs. Also, automated support systems try to hide actual live human support very deep inside their menus in order to cut costs and support more customers with the same amount of staff. But this causes lots of confusion and disappointment for customers.

That’s why we decided to open “Number for Live Person” website. Here you can find tips and hints on how to quickly reach human support in call centers. We try to give you some info on what you can expect during the call, what kind of information you can expect to be asked by an automated support system and what menu options you need to choose to quickly get to live person.

We hope that information we provide will help you get your support question resolved quickly!