How to Talk to a Live Person in Sling TV Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in Sling TV customer service you need to dial 1-888-397-2570. This number is available daily from 9 am to 10 pm EST. To speak with a live agent, you need to press 2 or stay on the line (typical peak waiting time is about 20-30 minutes).

If you are currently up and TV customer press 1.

If you are calling to become a customer press 2.

Sling TV Service Options

Sling TV Phone Customer Service

    For support in a language other than English you need to dial:

  • Arabic(1-855-402-3981).
  • Cantonese(1-855-390-4686).
  • Hindi(1-888-368-2017).
  • Mandarin(1-855-411-8947).
  • Portuguese(1-855-411-8932).
  • Polish(1-888-360-6947).

Sling TV Social Networks Support

Sling TV Start Chat

You can start a chat session with a Sling TV support representative on the site┬áby clicking the “CHAT” button.

How to Talk to a Live Person in DIRECTV Customer Service

To contact a live person in DIRECTV Customer Service you should dial 1-800-288-2020. This number is available every day from 8AM until midnight EST.

If you need to contact a live person in DIRECTV technical support you should dial 1-800-288-2020 and select option for technical support. DIRECTV technical support is available 24/7.

Also you can use 1-800-531-5000 phone number which will also connect you to general and technical DIRECTV support. General support is available 8AM-1AM EST, 7 days a week and technical support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Hearing-Impaired Customers (TTY) can call 1-800-779-4388 (compatible TTY equipment required).

Commercial DIRECTV customers (bar/restaurant, private office, and business viewing customers) should reach customer service via 1-888-200-4388.

Hotel, dorm, hospital customers should call DIRECTV customer service via 1-888-388-2505.

DIRECTV Social Networks Contacts

You can message DIRECTV customer service team via DIRECTV Facebook page. DIRECTV customer service typically replies within a few hours to a Facebook message.

You can send public tweet or a private message to DIRECTV customer service on a DIRECTV Twitter page.

You can view latest DIRECTV Youtube videos at DIRECTV Youtube channel.

DIRECTV live chat customer service

You can access AT&T DIRECTV customer chat via following URL: