How to Talk to a Live Person in Priceline Customer Service

In order to talk to a live person from Priceline customer service, you need to dial 1-877-477-5807 or 1-800-774-2354 (1-800-PRICELINE). The automated phone system will ask you to enter your phone number or 9 or 11 Priceline trip number. Once you enter your phone or trip number you will be connected to live customer service. The system won’t let you through unless you have a phone or trip number available and matching Priceline records.

If you made a reservation through Priceline-Europe you need to contact Priceline European partner, Active Hotels. Their international number is +44-20-861-8007.

If you made an international car rental reservation via you should dial 1-866-966-3620.

Priceline Customer Service Options

Priceline Phone support

You can reach Priceline phone support via 1-877-477-5807. For international phone numbers please refer to Priceline International Calling page. You can also reach Priceline customer service via 1-800-774-2354 (1-800-PRICELINE).

You can also call an airline from your Priceline reservation using direct airline phone numbers available at Priceline airline phone list.

You can also call Priceline hotel partner hotline at 1-800-259-2091. Below is an automated phone menu available via this number:

  • If you’re a Priceline customer press 1
  • If you represent a hotel interested in joining Priceline program press 2
  • if you’re calling in response to a cancellation notification you received from Priceline via fax 3
  • if you’re replying to a fax you received from Priceline accounting department press 4

You can also contact Priceline headquarters using 1-203-299-8000 phone number. It will suggest you following options:

  • If you’re a Priceline customer press 1
  • If you’re one of Priceline hotel or airline partners press 2
  • If you want to access Priceline headquarters phone directory press 3

Priceline Live chat

You can start a live chat session with Priceline by pressing “Chat with Us” button at the right bottom corner of the Priceline help page

How to Talk to a Live Person in Green Dot Customer Service

If you need to contact a live person in Green Dot customer service you need to dial 1-866-795-7597. In a first menu press 5. After that, the automated phone system will ask you to enter your card number or SSN number. Once you enter it you will be connected to a live customer service representative.

If you interested in other support services provided by Green Dot phone customer service please refer to their phone menu below:

  • For Balance, recent direct deposits, transactions and declined purchase information press 1
  • To report cards stolen or never received press 2
  • Get paycheck faster with direct deposit. To get your direct deposit number press 3
  • To sign up for text alert press 4
  • For additional support press 5

Green Dot Customer Service Options

Green Dot Phone Support

Green Dot customer service phone number is 1-866-795-7597.

Green Dot Mailing Address

You can mail Green Dot Bank to the following mailing address:
Green Dot
P.O. Box 5100
Pasadena, CA 91117

Green Dot Live Chat Support

Green Dot doesn’t offer live chat support. Best way to contact Green Dot is to call them at 1-866-795-7597.

Green Dot Web and Social Support

Questions and Answers

Is 24/7 customer service available from Green Dot?

Yes, Green Dot provides 24/7 customer service via 866-795-7597 phone number.

What is 1-800 Telephone Number for Green Dot

Green Dot 1-800 customer service telephone contact number is 866-795-7597.

How to talk to a human in Green Dot

You can follow instructions at the beginning of this article to learn how to quickly get to a human in Green Dot.

How to Talk to a Live Person in Rushcard Customer Service

If you’d like to talk to a live person in a Rushcard customer service you need to dial 1-866-787-4227 (+1-866-RUSHCARD). If you’re an existing Rushcard card member you should press 1. The automated system will ask for your SSN number. Once you enter your SSN keep pressing 0 for any new menu the system will suggest.

If the method above doesn’t work you should select option 3 (apply for a new Rushcard). This will also connect you to a live Rushcard customer service representative.

Below are Rushcard automated system menu options for your reference:

  • If you’re an existing Rushcard customer please press 1.
  • If you’d like to check status of your Rushcard application press 2.
  • If you’d like to apply for your Rushcard press 3.

Please note that option 1 will ask you to verify your SSN number so you need to keep it ready. Option 2 will also ask you for last 4 digits of your SSN.

Rushcard Customer Service options

Rushcard Phone Numbers

Rushcard customer service is available via 1-866-787-4227 (866-RUSHCARD). Live customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact via e-mail

In order to contact Rushcard via e-mail you should use the form available at You will need to fill in the form with your Contact Name, Email, Phone number and select a Message Type to proceed.

Rushcard online FAQ

Lots of your questions could be answered via Rushcard extensive FAQ section available at

Rushcard Mailing Address

You can contact Rushcard via mail using following address:
PO Box 42482
Cincinnati, OH 45242