How to Talk to a Live Person in Priceline Customer Service

In order to talk to a live person from Priceline customer service, you need to dial 1-877-477-5807 or 1-800-774-2354 (1-800-PRICELINE). The automated phone system will ask you to enter your phone number or 9 or 11 Priceline trip number. Once you enter your phone or trip number you will be connected to live customer service. The system won’t let you through unless you have a phone or trip number available and matching Priceline records.

If you made a reservation through Priceline-Europe you need to contact Priceline European partner, Active Hotels. Their international number is +44-20-861-8007.

If you made an international car rental reservation via you should dial 1-866-966-3620.

Priceline Customer Service Options

Priceline Phone support

You can reach Priceline phone support via 1-877-477-5807. For international phone numbers please refer to Priceline International Calling page. You can also reach Priceline customer service via 1-800-774-2354 (1-800-PRICELINE).

You can also call an airline from your Priceline reservation using direct airline phone numbers available at Priceline airline phone list.

You can also call Priceline hotel partner hotline at 1-800-259-2091. Below is an automated phone menu available via this number:

  • If you’re a Priceline customer press 1
  • If you represent a hotel interested in joining Priceline program press 2
  • if you’re calling in response to a cancellation notification you received from Priceline via fax 3
  • if you’re replying to a fax you received from Priceline accounting department press 4

You can also contact Priceline headquarters using 1-203-299-8000 phone number. It will suggest you following options:

  • If you’re a Priceline customer press 1
  • If you’re one of Priceline hotel or airline partners press 2
  • If you want to access Priceline headquarters phone directory press 3

Priceline Live chat

You can start a live chat session with Priceline by pressing “Chat with Us” button at the right bottom corner of the Priceline help page