How to Talk to a Live Person in the US Bank Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in the US Bank customer service you need to dial 1-503-401-9991 phone number. To speak with an agent, you need to press 0 or stay on the line.

You can press 1 to use an automatic system or press 0 to speak with the specialist.

Alternatively you can use the following other available options:

  • For question about your balance, deposit, charge associate in your account press 1.
  • For issues related to your debit card press 2.
  • For online banking, mobile banking, online bill pay system press 3.
  • Report from your account press 4.
  • Open new account press 5.
  • To speak with a specialist press 0.

US Bank Customer Service Options

US Bank Phone Customer Service

  • For Online & Mobile Customer Service you need to dial 1-800-872-2657.
  • For Personal Banking General you need to dial 1-800-685-5065.
  • For checking and savings you need to dial 1-800-872-2657.
  • For Check Card you need to dial 1-513-632-4141.
  • To Report Lost or Stolen Cards/Accounts you need to dial 1-800-872-2657.
  • For Wire Transfers you need to dial 1-503-401-9991.

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