How to Talk to a Live Person in Time Warner Cable Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in Time Warner Cable customer service you need to dial 855-707-7328. Say “I don’t know it” to a question about an account number or enter your account number. After that enter or say your ZIP. On the next prompt say “Representative” and the system will ask you to choose a subject area which is related to your question. The system will then ask you to choose a product you are calling about. Choose one from: “Internet”, “TV”, “Phone” or “Intelligent Home”. After that, you will get transferred to a live customer service person. Please note that after Time Warner Cable acquisition by Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable product is called Spectrum.

Below is a table with technical support areas available via Time Warner Cable customer support:

  • Press 1 for technical support
  • Press 2 for billing
  • Press 3 for ad service
  • Press 4 to remove service
  • Press 5 if you’re moving

Time Warner Cable Customer Service Hours

Time Warner Cable live customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How to Terminate Time Warner Cable Subscription

To terminate a Time Warner Cable subscription you must call 855-707-7328 or chat with a Time Warner cable representative online on Time Warner cable live chat page.

Time Warner Cable Social Networks Customer Service

Spectrum is the name for Time Warner cable product after Time Warner acquisition by Charter Communications.

You can send a message to Spectrum live customer service representative via Spectrum Facebook page. Typically they reply within an hour.

You can also contact Spectrum customer service representative by messaging on a Ask Spectrum Twitter page.

Spectrum Live Chat

To start a live chat with Time Warner Cable live customer representative navigate to On that page click “Ask Spectrum” on the left top and the live chat window will open.