How to Talk to a Live Person in Sallie Mae Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live customer service representative in Sallie Mae you need to dial 1-800-472-5543. If you’re calling about an existing application press 2. The system will prompt you to enter your social security number, your customer identification number or your administrative id. If you have one of those you can enter it. If not you can just wait for the next menu. In the next menu if one of the options matches what you want you can choose it. If not you can just wait and the system will connect you to a live customer service representative.

For your convenience below are menu prompts from Sallie Mae customer service system.

Entry menu:

  • If you’re calling to start a new application press 1.
  • Otherwise press 2 or stay on the line.

Main Menu:

  • If you’d like to submit an application for a new loan press 1.
  • If you have an application in process or recently submitted an application for a loan press 2.
  • If you have questions about your existing Sallie Mae account press 3.

Sallie Mae Customer Service Options

Sallie Mae Customer Service Hours and Phone Numbers

Customer service representatives for student and private loans are available Monday-Thursday 8am–9pm EST, Friday 8am–8pm EST, Saturday 9am–6pm EST at 1-800-472-5543.

Customer service representative for new student loans are available Monday–Thursday 8am-10pm EST, Friday 8am-9pm EST at 1-855-756-5626 (855-SLM-LOAN)

Customer service representative for CDs, Money Market, and High Yield Savings Accounts are available Monday-Friday 8am-8pm EST at 1-877-346-2756.

Customer service representatives for School Assist are available Monday-Friday 8am–8pm EST at 1-844-827-7478 (844-8-ASSIST) toll-free number, 1-302-451-4912 direct number, and 1-877-456-6221 international number.

Sallie Mae automated payment system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sallie Mae Social Networks Customer Service

Sallie Mae Mailing Addresses

Sallie Mae
P.O. Box 3319
Wilmington DE 19804-4319

Borrower payment address:
Sallie Mae
P.O. Box 8459
Philadelphia PA 19101-8459

Cosigner payment address:
Sallie Mae
P.O. Box 8377
Philadelphia PA 19101-8377

Disputed Balances:
Sallie Mae
P.O. Box 3319
Wilmington DE 19804-4319

Credit Bureau Reporting Dispute:
Sallie Mae
P.O. Box 3229
Wilmington DE 19804-0229
*Please provide Sallie Mae supporting documentation/information that will let us thoroughly investigate your dispute.

Subpoena Address:
Sallie Mae Bank
ATTN: Subpoena Department
300 Continental Drive
Newark DE 19713