How to Talk to a Live Person in Metro PCS Customer Service

1-888-863-8768 (1-888-8metro8) is a number to call if you need to reach a live person in Metro PCS customer service. You can also dial *611 from your Metro PCS phone. To quickly reach customer service you can try pressing 0 after each question. After several prompts you should get to live support person.

For Metro PCS mail-in rebates customer service number you can dial 1-800-999-6389.

To make a payment for your Metro PCS phone you can also use 1-888-863-8768 (1-888-8metro8) phone number.

For premium headset protection you should contact Asurion at 1-866-862-3397 or

Alternative customer support methods

  • For payments use:


    PO Box 5119

    Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119
  • For general question use following mailing address:


    PO Box 601119

    Dallas, TX 75360

Metro PCS Customer Service Options

Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Numbers

Metro PCS Customer Service phone number1-888-863-8768 (1-888-8metro8)
Metro PCS Mail-in Rebates phone number1-800-999-6389
Metro PCS Phone Payments1-888-863-8768 (1-888-8metro8)
Asurion headset protection phone number1-866-862-3397

Metro PCS Social Networks Customer Service

You can contact Metro PCS Customer Service via Metro PCS Facebook page

You can contact Metro PCS Customer Service via Metro PCS Twitter page

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