How to Talk to a Live Person in Google Customer Service

Google live person customer service is available via following phone numbers.

Google customer support phone number in the United States 1-855-836-3987
Google United Kingdom Office support phone number +44 (0)20-7031-3000
Google India office customer support phone number +91-80-67218000
Google Mexico office customer support phone number +52 55-5342-8400
Google Canada office customer support phone number +1 514-670-8700
Google Germany office customer support phone number +49-30-303986300
Google Russia office customer support phone number +7-495-644-1400

Navigating Google Customer Support Phone Menus to a Live Person

Unless you’re calling regarding a question which is specific to a certain country the best phone number to reach google technical support service is 1-855-836-3987. Below are some details of what you can expect when dialing this phone (please note that options may have changed since this article was written).

Initially you will be noted that “If you can’t sign into your Google account visit you need to visit Google account recovery page for further assistance. Google doesn’t change any account information via the phone.

Below are initial phone menu options on Google Customer Service:

  • For Apps, music and downloads from Google Play press 1
  • For technical support for a Google device press 2
  • To check on a recent order press 3
  • To ask questions before you buy press 4
  • For more options press 5

Now the quickest way to get to a live person is by pressing 5 which will get you to the following menu:

  • For Nest support press 1
  • If you can’t get to gmail press 2
  • To get back to the previous menu press 3
  • If you’re not sure press 4

In this menu you can just press 4 and the system will connect you to a live support person.

Alternatively you can select a specific product from the menus above which will connect you to a live person more appropriate to deal with your problem.

Below are menu options for Google Apps, music and downloads (#1 in main menu)

  • For Music press 1
  • For Apps and Games press 2
  • For Movies press 3
  • For News press 4

Below are menu options for Google Devices (#2 in main menu)

  • For Phone/Tablet support press 1
  • For Wearable devices like Google Watch press 2
  • For Chromebook laptop support press 3
  • For Chromecast support press 4
  • For Android TV support press 5
  • For More Options press 6

Questions and Answers

Is 24/7 customer service available from Google?

24/7 customer service is available via online Google customer support. Google 855-836-3987 contact phone number is operating on limited hours due to COVID restrictions.

What is 1-800 Telephone Number for Google

Google 1-800 customer service telephone contact number is 855-836-3987.

Alternative ways to contact Google customer service

Google Adwords Support phone number in the United States 1-866-2GOOGLE (1-866-246-6453)
Google Products customer service phone number 1-855-836-3987
Google Suite customer service phone number in the United States 1-877-355-5787

Google Headquarters

View Google headquarters location on a map.

Reach Real Person in Google by Phone, Live Chat, Social Network

Make sure that you tried multiple options when reaching customer service. If live customer service agent is not available by phone, try live chat as a shortcut. Frequently direct message via Google Facebook account or Google Twitter account may get you a customer representative quicker and sometimes even 24/7, so try it too. If you want to file a complaint or submit a positive feedback you may leave your comment or complaint under Instagram or Youtube post and in many cases the business will respond to it. For your convenience all of these customer service contact options for Google are provided above.

What to do if Google Contact Number Is Not Working?

It is typical that customer service menu options change with time. Customer support options and even contact numbers might be removed and added. If you have problems with getting a real person in Google customer service with instructions above please leave the comment in the comments section below and we will improve this guide. We are constantly monitoring the customer service contact numbers, e-mail and chats to make sure the instructions on How to Talk to a Live Person in Google Customer Service are the most accurate.

If you successfully reached a live customer service agent in Google please leave your instructions in the comments section below so everyone can use it.

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