How to Talk to a Live Person in Equifax Customer Service

800-846-5279 is an Equifax phone number to call if you’d like a quick and direct connection to a live person. The only additional question you will be asked on this line is whether you want to go through a survey at the end of the call. It is available from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Following options are available via 800-846-5279 phone number.

  • Speak to a live representative
  • Press 2 to hear results of your investigation or enter a new investigation.

1-888-202-4025 is an alternative phone to call. It is described by Equifax as a phone for business customers but it also has an option to speak to live person.

When you call 1-888-202-4025 phone number you will receive following options.

  • Landlord needing to access files for potential tenant – press 1
  • Declined business account based on your Equifax business report – press 2
  • Licensed business calling to report consumer financial data – press 3
  • Telecommunications or utility provider – press 4
  • If you’re a licensed business interest in establishing Equifax account – press 5
  • If you’re calling about personal credit report – press 6

You need to select option 6 which will connect you to live person right away.

Equifax Security Phone Number (related to 2017 data compromise incident)

For consumers affected by Equifax Security Incident, Equifax established dedicated call center available at 1-866-447-7559 from 7am to 1am EST.

Equifax websites

Additional Equifax Phone Numbers

1-888-766-0008 to report fraud

1-800-685-1111 to retrieve your Equifax credit report

1-866-349-5191 to dispute your Equifax credit report

1-866-243-8181 to cancel your Equifax service (customer representative available 7 days a week from 8am to 3am EST)

1-866-640-2273 for customer support (it is an old number and may not be available now)

Equifax Headquarters

1550 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA