How to Talk to a Live Person in Costco Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live customer service representative at Costco you need to dial 1-800-774-2678. Press 1 and enter your Costco Membership Number followed by #. If you are not yet a member press 0. The system will connect you to the next available live representative.

For your convenience below is the main menu of Costco customer service phone system:

  • For membership information including executive member 2% rewards and for Costco services press 1
  • For credit cards, Costco cash cards and for payment options accepted at Costco press 2
  • For product and returns information or for your local Costco phone number, business hours and address press 3
  • For website inquiries including online orders and returns press 4
  • For Costco travel press 5

Costco Customer Service Phones and Hours

  • 1-800-774-2678: Costco Membership and Warehouse customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm PST, Saturday-Sunday, 8am-5pm PT
  • 1-800-955-2292: Online Orders customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 5am-8pm PST, Saturday-Sunday, 5am-7pm PST
  • 1-866-861-0450: Costco Concierge Services Technical Support hours are Monday-Sunday, 5am-10pm PST
  • 1-844-765-0251: Costco Home Improvement Installed Products hours are Monday-Friday, 5am-7pm PST, Saturday-Sunday, 7am-5pm PST
  • 1-855-620-7579: Costco Photo Center hours are Monday-Sunday, 6am-8pm PST
  • 1-877-849-2730: Costco Travel hours are Monday-Friday, 5am-9pm PST, Saturday-Sunday, 6am-5.30pm PST
  • 1-800-788-9968: Costco Business Center Orders hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST
  • 1-800-607-6861: Costco Pharmacy customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 5am-7pm PST and Saturday, 9.30am-2pm PST

Costco Social Networks Contacts

You can view latest news from Costco team on Costco Facebook page.

You can send a tweet to Costco team on a Costco Twitter page.

You can view latest Costco Youtube videos at Costco Youtube channel.

Costco Customer Service Live Chat

To start a live chat with Costco customer service representative navigate to Costco Live Chat page, fill all required fields and click “Start Chat” button. Live chat hours are Monday-Friday, 5am-10pm PST, Saturday-Sunday, 6am-6pm PST

Costco Mailing Address

Corporate Mailing Address
PO Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124