How to Talk to a Live Person in CIBC Bank USA Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in CIBC Bank USA customer service you need to dial 1-877-448-6500 phone number. To quickly speak with a live agent, you need to stay on the line without making choices.

For your convenience below is the main menu of the CIBC Bank phone customer service system:

  • For inquiries regarding online banking, mobile banking or an online account press 1.
  • For all other inquiries press 2.
  • To repeat message press 9.

CIBC Bank USA Service Options

CIBC Bank USA Phone Customer Service

  • For client support center you need to dial 1-877-448-6500.
  • For CIBC Bank USA telephone banking you need to dial 1-877-825-5554.
  • For lost or stolen card you need to dial 1-800-236-2442.
  • For business netbanking assistance you need to dial 1-312-564-6800.

CIBC Bank USA Social Networks Customer Service

CIBC Bank USA Customer Service Mailing Addresses

For CIBC U.S. Corporate Headquarters:


120 South LaSalle Street

Chicago, Illinois 60603


For Mortgages:


Attn: Customer Service

6825 West 111th Street

Worth, Illinois 60482