How to Talk to a Live Person in Equifax Customer Service

800-846-5279 is an Equifax phone number to call if you’d like a quick and direct connection to a live person. The only additional question you will be asked on this line is whether you want to go through a survey at the end of the call. It is available from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Following options are available via 800-846-5279 phone number.

  • Speak to a live representative
  • Press 2 to hear results of your investigation or enter a new investigation.

888-202-4025 is an alternative phone to call. It is described by Equifax as a phone for business customers but it also has an option to speak to live person.

When you call 888-202-4025 phone number you will receive following options.

  • Landlord needing to access files for potential tenant – press 1
  • Declined business account based on your Equifax business report – press 2
  • Licensed business calling to report consumer financial data – press 3
  • Telecommunications or utility provider – press 4
  • If you’re a licensed business interest in establishing Equifax account – press 5
  • If you’re calling about personal credit report – press 6

You need to select option 6 which will connect you to live person right away.

Equifax Security Phone Number (related to 2017 data compromise incident)

For consumers affected by Equifax Security Incident, Equifax established dedicated call center available at 866-447-7559 from 7am to 1am EST.

Additional Equifax Phone Numbers

1-888-766-0008 to report fraud

1-800-685-1111 to retrieve your Equifax credit report

1-866-349-5191 to dispute your Equifax credit report

1-866-243-8181 to cancel your Equifax service (customer representative available 7 days a week from 8am to 3am EST)

1-866-640-2273 for customer support (it is an old number and may not be available now)

Equifax websites

How to Talk to a Live Person in Sprint Phone Customer Service

If you need to contact a live person in Sprint customer service you need to dial +1-(866) 795-7597. In a first menu press 5. Depending on what phone number you’re calling from you may have following different choices:

Option 1

  • Select 1 for new Sprint customer
  • Select 2 for existing Sprint customer
  • Select 3 for Sprint device activation

Option 2

  • Select 1 for existing Sprint customers
  • Select 2 for new Sprint customers
  • Select 3 to check status of your order with Sprint

After that, you will either be asked to enter your Sprint phone number (if you’re calling from non-Sprint phone or landline) or you will be asked to wait on the line for next available service representative.

Sprint Customer Service Options

Sprint Customer Service Phone Numbers

You can use following phone numbers to contact live Sprint customer service:

  • +1-(866) 795-7597
  • 1-(888)-211-4727

Sprint Phone Customer Service Hours

Sprint Customer Service is available Monday – Friday 6:00am – 11:30pm CST, Saturday – Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm CST

Sprint Social Netwok Customer Service

You can contact Sprint customer service on Facebook via Sprint Facebook page

You can contact Sprint customer service on Twitter via Sprint Twitter page

You can view latest Srint videos on Sprint Youtube channel

You can view latest Sprint photos on Sprint Instagram page

Sprint Chat Customer Service

Service hours:
6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday – Friday
7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time, Saturday and Sunday
Available at

How to Talk to a Live Person in IRS Customer Service

The most common way to call IRS is via its helpline for individuals available. You can do it via 1-800-829-1040 phone number.

IRS is a very busy government organization. Calls to it could sometimes take several hours. And if you didn’t prepare some important information you may have to call again after all the wait.

So before proceeding with the call make sure that you have all information required for your question with you. Besides that, you will need your SSN (social security number) ready for a personal return and EIN for a business return. Our advice is to have your tax return ready in front of you for the year you’re inquiring about. Your last tax return will help too since they may ask some verification questions based on it. For example, there could be quite a lot of verification questions if you’re calling IRS about a change of address.

Now when you have all the documents ready, make sure to allocate enough time for a call. I never had it done faster than an hour and sometimes it took several hours. If you are calling via mobile phone make sure it has enough charge. It would be quite disappointing if it will die right when you are about to get your issue resolved. Having charger handy won’t hurt too.

Check that you will be calling right number. Depending on your question number could be different. Also if you are calling about specific IRS form make sure to look for a number on the form that you received. Typically IRS will have it there. Calling a wrong number may waste a lot of time since you won’t figure it out until speaking to a live person, and IRS agent may not be able to switch you to a right department.

Below are some phone numbers depending on the department and form you’re calling about:

1-800-829-1040 IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals
1-800-829-4933 Business and Specialty Tax Line
1-800-829-1954 Refund Hotline
1-800-829-3676 Forms and Publications
1-800-829-8310 Underreporter Cases for Small Business/Self Employed (SBSE) Taxpayer (CP2000 form will have this number)
1-800-829-3009 Underreporter Cases for Wage & Investment (W&I) Taxpayer

Since IRS phone system is changing very frequently we won’t provide you with any shortcuts since most probably they will be wrong. But we have a good advice to shorten your time with all the choices. Take a pen and paper and write down selections that you make during the call. There are typically many of them and knowing right selection will help you to get through without listening to the entire prompt.

Now you should be ready to make a call to IRS. Good Luck!