How to Talk to a Live Person in Verizon Prepaid Customer Service

In order to get to a live person in Verizon Prepaid customer service, you need to dial 1-888-294-6804 or *611. Make sure you do it from your prepaid cell phone since Verizon doesn’t let through any service calls made from outside of their network. You will be prompted to enter your prepaid phone number. After that, you need to press 2 in the following menu and 3 and 5 in further two menus. After that, the system will ask you to enter the passcode for your account. If you don’t know it please enter 00. After that system should connect you to Verizon prepaid live person customer service.

Contacting Verizon Prepaid customer service

Verizon Prepaid Discussion Forums

You can find answers to many of your questions on Verizon Prepaid discussion forums. These forums are also monitored by Verizon customer service live representatives and they may respond to questions asked there.

Verizon Prepaid customer service mail

You can contact Verizon Prepaid customer service via following mailing address:
Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 291089
Columbia, SC 29229

Verizon Social Support

You can tweet Verizon Wireless support at @VZWSupport

You can also post a question via Facebook Messenger at

Verizon Wireless Live Chat Support

You can contact Verizon Wireless customer service via live chat at