How to Talk to a Live Person in PNC Bank Customer Service

If you need to contact a live person in PNC Bank customer service you need to dial 1-888-762-2265. To speak with a live agent, you need to enter your User ID, if you have it or tell “I don’t have one”. Then you need to say “No”, say “Give me options”, press 0 at the main menu and stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 10-12 minutes).

Alternatively you can use the following other options available in the customer service phone menu:

  • To access your personal account press 1.
  • For business banking press 2.
  • For online banking questions press 3.
  • If you are calling to report a lost or stolen card press 4.
  • To open a new account or check the status of the loan application press 5.
  • For a loan payoff for PNC customer, calling for check verification process, for branch hours and location or to reach other department press 7.
  • For insurance or member services press 9.
  • To contact a consultant press 0.

PNC Bank Customer Service Hours

Live customer service representatives are available 7am-10pm ET Monday-Friday and 8am-5pm ET, Saturday and Sunday.

PNC Bank Customer Service Phones

  • PNC customer service phone number is 1-888-762-2265.
  • For Virtual Wallet you need to dial 1-800-352-2255.
  • For Personal Credit Card you need to dial 1-800-558-8472.
  • To Mortgage you need to dial 1-800-822-5626.
  • For Student Lending you need to dial 1-800-762-1001.
  • For PNC Investments Accounts you need to dial 1-800-622-7086.
  • For Vested Interest┬« Participants you need to dial 1-800-374-4631.
  • For Business Credit Card you need to dial 1-800-474-2101.

PNC Bank Social Networks Customer Service

PNC Bank Live Chat Support

PNC doesn’t offer live chat support. Best way to contact PNC is to call them at 1-888-762-2265.

PNC support e-mail

You can contact McAfee via [email protected]

PNC Help Center

You can ask a question about PNC on the PNC Help Center page.