How to Talk to a Live Person in Lyft Customer Service

Lyft does not offer phone customer service. You can reach Lyft customer service by requesting a callback, via social media or email. To get a response from Lyft 24/7 support experts by requesting a callback you need to go to the Lyft Support page. Tap “Contact Support”, which is at the bottom of each Help Center article. Fill the form and choose the method of contacting the support and press “Call me” or “Email”.

Lyft Customer Service Hours

Live customer service representatives from Lyft are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Lyft Customer Service Phones

  • Lyft does not offer a phone customer service.

Lyft Social Networks Customer Service

  • Lyft customer service could be contacted via Lyft Facebook page. Typically Lyft customer service representative replies within an hour. Lyft Support Team is available from 5am-9pm PST Monday-Sunday.
  • You can also reach Lyft support via Lyft Twitter page
  • You can view latest Lyft videos on Lyft Youtube page
  • You can view latest Lyft photos on Lyft Instagram page

Lyft app

To contact Lyft customer service by Lyft app you need to use the ‘Help’ tab in your Lyft or Lyft Driver app.

Lyft Live Chat Support

Lyft doesn’t offer live chat support.

Lyft support e-mail

Lyft Help Center

You can find more information about Lyft on the Lyft Support page.

Lyft Opening Hours

24 hours a day seven days a week