How to Talk to a Live Person in H&R Block Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in H&R Block customer service you need to dial 1-800-472-5625. This phone number is available Monday – Friday from 7am through 7pm EST. To speak with a live customer service agent you need to press 0 and stay on the line (typical waiting time is about 1-15 minutes).

Alternatively you can use the following other available options:

  • To locate an H&R Block tax office, make an appointment, or get office hours press 1.
  • For do-it-yourself tax product support press 2.
  • For customer service press 0.

If you press 0 in the above menu you will get the following sub-menu:

  • For assistance with your Emerald card press 1.
  • For preparing your taxes online at press 2.
  • If using tax software you installed from a CD or download press 3.
  • For other question stay on the line.

H&R Block Service Options

H&R Block Customer Service Hours

H&R Block live customer service agents are available Monday-Friday from 7am through 7pm EST.

H&R Block Phone Customer Service

  • To provide feedback regarding H&R Block’s policy of accessibility, the following toll-free you need to dial 1-855-508-0833.
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    H&R Block Customer Service Mailing Addresses

    H&R Block Money-back Guarantee

    P.O. Box 32110

    Kansas City, MO 64171

    H&R Help Center

    You can also contact H&R Block on their customer support page.